Public Health Schools and MPH Programs by State

If you’re interested in pursuing higher education in the public health field, there are many courses that will expand your knowledge and lead to multiple career options. Whether you’re interested in a new location or wish to stay close to home, there are numerous public health schools and programs throughout the United States—many offering bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs. 

In the list below, select the state you’re interested in to learn more about the degree programs available nearest to you or your desired location. You’ll find detailed information about options in that state and the employment outlook for those working in public health in the area.

Public Health School Highlights by Region

Some students may prefer to stay close to home through their schooling, some are willing to go anywhere and others are looking for a happy medium—a location where they can broaden their horizons without being too far from home. If you want to find a public health school near home but not too close, expanding your search to all the institutions within your region will provide additional opportunities. If you’re willing to go a little farther from home, you may find yourself at a school that’s better for your learning experience. 


The Northeast states boast a prestigious lineup of universities, and their public health schools equip students with the knowledge to affect change from social work settings to environmental health. Some of the notable institutions include Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, Columbia University in New York City and Harvard University in Massachusetts.

While some of the most well-known universities in the world come to mind when thinking of places like New York and Massachusetts, there are dozens more options in the region.


The Southeast has various public health schools within a wide array of universities—particularly in Florida, Georgia, Virginia and the Carolinas. Some of the universities in the Southeast include the University of Florida, University of Georgia and University of South Carolina-Columbia. There’s no shortage of excellent academic institutions in the Southeast, especially in coastal areas.


The Midwest is home to many institutions with rich histories and cultures of medical innovation. While its universities aren’t quite as numerous compared to its coastal counterparts, there are still excellent options in this region for public health students at all levels who have an interest in living in and experiencing the Midwest. Its list of universities with public health schools includes the likes of the University of Minnesota, University of Michigan, The Ohio State University and the University of Nebraska. 


The Western United States has many prestigious, highly sought-after universities, especially in California, Washington and Oregon. Examples include the University of California, Berkeley; University of Washington; and, for public health students specifically, a joint program between Portland State University and Oregon Health & Science University. 

There are also public health school options for students in other Western states that neighbor these coastal hubs, such as the University of Utah; University of Nevada, Las Vegas; and, representing three universities in the state, the Colorado School of Public Health. 


The Southwest states don’t have quite the volume of public health schools as some regions. There are, however, some big names that offer public health programs, including the University of Texas, University of Arizona and Grand Canyon University. 

5 States with the Most MPH Programs

Public health programs are accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), an agency whose authority is recognized by the Department of Education. CEPH accredits both on-campus master’s in public health (MPH) programs and online MPH programs. There are about 60 accredited schools of public health and more than 100 total accredited public health programs. There are more than 180 accredited online MPH programs with varying concentrations; some of which do not require applicants to submit GRE scores. Read our list of online MPH with no GRE to learn more. 

Based on CEPH data as of July 2020, the five states with the most accredited public health programs (concentrations included) are:

  • New York: 220+
  • Maryland: 170+
  • Pennsylvania: 150+
  • California: 140+
  • Florida: 140+

What Makes a State a Good Choice for Getting a Public Health Degree?

Deciding where and how to further your education and launch your career in public health is a subjective and personal decision. Many students choose a given public health college simply because they want to spend some time living in that area. 

You may also want to consider the career prospects of the area the university is in, as you’re likely to develop local connections. Is this somewhere you might live permanently? There’s a lot to take into account depending on your personal preferences and situation. There are even many online public health degree programs to choose from if you’d rather not move to pursue your education.  From online bachelor’s in public health to online doctorate plans, students have plenty of choices to meet your needs.

Ideally, after learning about the different types of programs, you’ll ultimately pick the public health university where you think you’ll have the best learning experience. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons of all your options to find the right public health school for you.

Information last updated July 2020