MPH-MBA Dual Public Health Degree

Accomplished public health professionals are in great demand in today’s job market. Equally important are well-equipped managers who are both efficient and effective. The Masters in Public Health – Masters in Business Administration (MPH-MBA) dual degree is designed to give students a better understanding of the planning, coordination, and management of running public health-related systems, programs and/or organizations. Students who decide on this type of dual degree usually have an average of two to five years of health-related work experience.

The MBA degree provides valuable training for professionals pursuing careers in administration and management through skills learned in core business disciplines such as accounting, business law, economics, finance, information systems, management, management science, marketing, and others. 

The MPH degree requires that students attain skills and knowledge in core public health disciplines of Biostatistics, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, Epidemiology and Disease Control, Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences, and Management, Policy and Community Health. 

The combined program prepares students to use the expertise and skills gained in business and management toward solving crucial health and healthcare issues, along with how to advise on health policy issues. This can be done in a variety of public interest arenas, commercial or industrial employment, hospitals or insurance settings, or in universities. 

The MPH-MBA dual degree couples both of these important areas allowing for a number of career opportunities and depending upon the student’s chosen area of specialty, graduates will be prepared to:

  • Manage and administer public health or health care organizations and agencies;
  • Assess the methodology, execution, analysis and conclusions of scientific studies;
  • Use empirical data to analyze the efficacy and feasibility of health policies and health care management decisions;
  • Consult with organizations and agencies on best practices for management and administration in public health or health care settings.

If this type of program is something that you are interested in pursuing, below is a list of schools that offer the Masters of Public Health – Masters of Business Administration dual degree.