PharmD-MPH Dual Public Health Degree

The role of the pharmacist has evolved from dispensing medications to that of an essential part of the health care team with expertise in patient drug therapy. The Doctorate in Pharmacology-Masters in Public Health (PharmD-MPH) dual degree program integrates the skills and knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice with public health’s core competencies. 

Students in PharmD-MPH dual degree programs will learn how to tackle challenges in the current dynamic health care environment through the use of skills focused in the area of patient drug therapy management, medication safety, health promotion and chronic disease prevention. These skills will be gained through courses such as pathophysiology, epidemiology, microbiology, immunology, health education and promotion, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacotherapy, pharmacy health-care systems, and pharmacy practice. By the end of the program, PharmD-MPH students should be able to help change and implement policy to provide safer medications to patients, promote awareness of health and disease through immunization programs, conduct research to help better manage treatments for disease, and provide education on medication management such as drug interactions between prescription drugs and herbal supplements.

The PharmD-MPH dual degree is designed to prepare graduates to become effective leaders and practitioners at the local, state and national levels, along with researchers and educators in academia and hospital- and community-based settings. Plus, graduates who specialize in pharmaceutical science and/or clinical pharmacy together with public health have an excellent foundation to seek positions in the private sector, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

Information updated as of April 2020