100% Online Bachelor’s in Public Health (BPH) Programs

For aspiring public health professionals living in today’s digital world, online bachelor’s in public health programs can be compelling options for public health education. This page will walk you through what an online bachelor’s in public health degree consists of, the top reasons to consider pursuing one, and the curricula and concentrations available, as well as answer all of the most frequently asked questions about online BPH programs. 


Simmons University

Simmons University

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What Is an Online Bachelor’s in Public Health (BPH) Degree?

An online bachelor’s in public health degree is an umbrella term for all online public health degrees offered at the bachelor’s level. This includes Bachelor of Science in public health (BSPH) and Bachelor of Arts in public health (BAPH) programs in which all courses are delivered online. While some online degree programs offer a hybrid of online and in-person learning, this page focuses only on 100% online BPH programs, meaning that everything — from the admissions process to the coursework and final evaluations — is completed online. 

Every online BPH program described on this page (BSPH, BAPH and others) is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health, an independent agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education that follows established criteria for accrediting schools and programs in public health that meet a set standard of quality. CEPH accreditation is a benchmark that many institutions of higher education, certification boards and employers include as part of their credentials — so it’s an important factor to keep in mind when considering an online BPH program. 

Reasons To Consider Online Bachelor’s in Public Health (BPH) Programs

There are many reasons to consider an online bachelor’s in public health program. Typically, online BPH programs offer greater scheduling and time management flexibility than in-person programs. This can be critical to students with life circumstances that require them to be in close proximity to home — whether due to familial obligations, a full-time work schedule or any other commitment that conflicts with the structure of in-person learning. For students from low-income families, forgoing the cost of daily transportation or full-time university housing can mean access to a program they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. An online BPH also offers students the opportunity to gain greater comfort and experience with technology at a time when the transition to remote work is increasingly common.

Online BPH Curriculum and Concentrations 

Online bachelor’s in public health programs, including BSPH, BAPH and BS programs with concentrations in public health, share a common goal: preparing students to successfully advance into further public health education and the professional field. 

The curricula of BPH programs focus on introducing the core disciplines that fall under — and form the foundation of — public health professions and practices. These disciplines include epidemiology, biostatistics, social and behavioral sciences, environmental and occupational health sciences, and health services administration. Depending on the specific BPH program you choose, you may have the option to select a concentration at the bachelor’s level. These options may include community-based public health, health promotion and education, clinical trials research, health services administration, and human development and family sciences. 

If you don’t receive the option to select a concentration at the bachelor’s level, that’s perfectly normal, too — the central goal of a bachelor’s degree is to instill a strong generalist point of view and foundation. Some examples of common BPH courses are introduction to public health, U.S. health care systems, research methods and issues in health science, global public health and applied epidemiology. In addition to learning the fundamentals, you may also take elective courses that fall under any number of different topics in public health.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bachelor’s in Public Health Online Programs

There’s a lot to take into account when considering an online bachelor’s in public health. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about online BPH programs.

How are online BPH programs different from traditional ones?

The biggest difference is the delivery format. Online BPH programs are completed entirely online, while traditional BPH programs are held in person, on campus. Aside from differences in physical setting, both types of programs tend to follow similar curricula and offer the same types and quality of courses. After earning a bachelor’s in public health, qualified students can apply for online MPH programs if they want to pursue a more advanced degree in the future.

What are the admissions requirements of online BPH programs?

Admissions requirements for online BPH programs tend to be similar to those of their on-campus counterparts, but each one differs based on the school they’re offered through. To view the admissions requirements for a specific BPH program, visit the university’s website.

How long does it take to complete an online BPH degree?

The majority of BPH programs take roughly the same amount of time to complete as a traditional undergraduate program — about four years. Of course, this can vary depending on a specific university’s program structure and how many credits you choose (or need) to take to complete your degree. Head to the website of the program you’re interested in for more detailed information on program length.

Is an online BPH worth it?

Pursuing an online BPH program can be a fulfilling option for prospective public health students and professionals who seek an innovative learning environment with added flexibility. An online BPH builds a strong foundational knowledge of public health topics and often functions as a springboard for successful higher education and careers in the public health profession or a related field.

CEPH-Accredited Online Bachelor’s in Public Health Programs

As you consider different online bachelor’s in public health programs, it’s critical to research all available options. Below is a list of all 100% online, CEPH-accredited bachelor’s degrees in public health — including BSPH, Bachelor of Health Science and BS options — to help you make an informed decision.

California Baptist University

Program Name: Online Bachelor of Science in Public Health
Introduction: California Baptist University’s online Bachelor of Science in public health degree program prepares candidates to advance professionally as effective, innovative and ethical health care leaders. The curriculum focuses on the core disciplines of public health practice: epidemiology, biostatistics, behavioral science, environmental and occupational health, and curriculum design in health education.
Credit Hours: 48 Required Major Units
Specializations Offered: None
Program Options: Hybrid & Online
Minimum GPA To Apply: 2.0
SAT/ACT: Not Required
Location: Riverside, California

Kent State University

Program Name: Online Bachelor of Science in Public Health 
Introduction: Kent State University’s online Bachelor of Science in public health prepares students to enter the workforce as public health professionals or to enter advanced programs of study. Students explore the five disciplines of public health: biostatistics, environmental health, epidemiology, health policy and management, and the social and behavioral sciences through general coursework.
Credit Hours: Varies by Concentration
Specializations Offered: Allied Health, Clinical Trials Research, Community Health Outreach and Development, and Health Services Administration
Program Options: Online, Traditional*
Minimum GPA To Apply: Minimum of 3.0 Expected
SAT/ACT: Scores not required if you have been out of high school for three or more years or are over the age of 21.
Location: Kent, Ohio

Oregon State University

Program Name: Public Health Bachelor of Science
Introduction: Oregon State University public health students learn about the root causes of health challenges and the complex factors that shape every one of us.
Credit Hours: 180
Specializations Offered: Health Management and Policy, Health Promotion and Health Behavior
Program Options: Online, Traditional*
Minimum GPA To Apply: 3.0 Preferred
SAT/ACT: Not Required 
Location: Corvallis, Oregon

University of Arizona

Program Name: The Online Bachelor of Science With a Major in Public Health
Introduction: The University of Arizona’s online Bachelor of Science with a major in public health provides students a convenient and exciting way to get one step closer to their health-professional aspirations. A unique and engaging avenue into the health sciences, public health covers a range of topics — from health promotion and disease prevention to eliminating health disparities and developing policy — through a proactive, population-based approach.
Credit Hours: Not stated on site
Specializations Offered: Global Health Emphasis, Health Systems Theory and Practice Emphasis, Public Health Practice Emphasis
Program Options: Online, Traditional*
Minimum GPA To Apply: Not stated on site
SAT/ACT: Not stated on site
Location: Tucson, Arizona


Simmons University

Women with 45+ prior college credits or an associate degree: Discover an innovative online public health bachelor’s program designed specifically for women and built on Simmons University’s 100+ year history of empowering women. Request information today.

Location: Boston, MA
Credits Required: 128 credits
Concentrations Available: Generalist Track

Sponsored Program

University of Florida

Program Name: Bachelor of Health Science, Communication Sciences and Disorders Major
Introduction: The University of Florida’s communication sciences and disorders major — the only BHS major offered online — provides students with the foundation necessary for graduate study in audiology, speech-language pathology and other related fields. 
Credit Hours: Not stated on site (only lists the required courses)
Specializations Offered: None
Program Options: Online, Traditional*
Minimum GPA To Apply: 2.7
SAT/ACT: Required
Location: Gainesville, Florida

*Traditional, On-Campus Program Available

If you are interested in going to an on-campus program, PublicHealthDegrees.org has also compiled a list of traditional Bachelors in Public Health Programs. 

Informational last updated July 2020