Online Public Health Degree Programs

Public health, the science of improving health and safety in communities through education, policy, research and prevention, is a dynamic and diverse field of study. 

Browse the list of common online public health degrees, in each page you can find more comprehensive information about this online degree with available programs for you to consider.

Online BPH Programs

This is the first step in moving towards a career in Public Health. We compiled a list of some universities that offer this degree online, along with common courses that are usually offered in this type of program.

Simmons University

Department of Public Health


Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Women with 17+ prior college credits or an associate degree: Complete your bachelor’s degree in a supportive women’s online public health BS program.

  • Up to 96 transfer credits accepted, plus credit for life experience
  • Degree programs are designed for working professionals and can be completed part time
  • CEPH-accredited


Online MHA Programs

This online degree provides students with a broad understanding of leadership in healthcare administration and enhances students’ knowledge of solving financial problems, patient care improvement, program development, and policy interpretation and more.

Online MHI Programs

This data-oriented online degree combines the medical technologies and the healthcare industry. Students will learn to collect, analyze and translate data to make decisions and optimize healthcare delivery.

Online MPH Programs

With the vast majority of public health workers requiring a graduate-level degree, many universities have been bringing their MPH programs online. This provides students with more options for programs types, concentrations and learning methods. 

Online Accelerated MPH

This fast-paced program involves an intense learning process with a full course load each semester. With most accelerated programs, it is expected for students to earn their degree in 12 to 18 months depending on the program. 

Online MPH with No GRE Requirements

As indicated in the name, this online program in public health is an option allowing students to either have their GRE scores waived or not to provide them at all. In most cases for schools that provide this option, it is required to have at least a bachelor’s degree and/or experience in the health field.

Online Executive MPH

This executive program is designed for current professionals in the field who want to continue developing their skills through an online degree. These programs usually require students to have a minimum of two to three years of public health experience prior to being accepted.

Online DPH Programs

A doctorate degree is the highest possible degree in public health; however, it is the least common degree received online. Be sure to check the program’s accreditation status and if the program has the specialization you are looking for before applying for this online public health degree.

There are currently over 35 colleges and universities that offer an online public health degree, or through a hybrid program. Through these almost 40 universities, you will find hundreds of online public health degree options, the majority being graduate-level.

We also have featured public health programs in our database, where you can directly get in touch with universities offering a public health program online and get more information on their program directly from the source. Some of these universities are accepting applications for students right now, and they may be the right fit for you.

Online Public Health Degrees

Who Should Enroll in Online Public Health Degree Programs

An individual who will succeed in an online public health degree should be easily self-motivated, and dedicated to their education. Students should be prepared for innovative online coursework, synchronous and asynchronous courses, along with field experiences and real life immersions that allow for the development of practical skills in the field.

Requirements for an Online Public Health Degree

The prerequisites for online public health degrees will align with the prerequisites for a traditional degree. This usually means a standardized test scores (ACT or SAT for Bachelor’s, GRE for Master’s), high school or college transcripts, letters of recommendation, a resume or CV, and a personal statement. Some certificates and master’s degree programs may also require a bachelor’s degree in public health or similar field for acceptance into the program.

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CEPH Accreditation of Online Public Health Degrees

Although online degrees are becoming more mainstream, be aware that some employers may have a bias towards online degrees. To help combat this, online public health programs are still subjected to CEPH accreditation, an independent agency regulating public health education to ensure a standard of quality in both classes and curriculum. When looking at online programs, it is always important to see if the program is accredited. 

Information About Online Learning

According to a study on online learning by the US Department of Education, classes with online learning on average produce stronger student learning outcomes than classes with solely face-to-face instruction in the more traditional university setting. According to the study, the same goes for hybrid programs that incorporate at least some form of online learning.

Considering the emergence of technology in education (EdTech), it is becoming easier and seamless for students to study online. Learning management systems are becoming more advanced, quicker internet speeds are making viewing streaming lectures very common, and navigating websites or interactive activities is second-nature to most online degree seekers. 

With the benefits of online degrees in public health and the different options available, it is important to conduct research and gather all information needed prior to selecting a program. Some important information to consider when looking at a public health degree online include: 

  • Is the program CEPH Accredited?
  • Does the program have the concentration I am interested in?
  • Is the program available in full or part time options?
  • Does the program require an internship?
  • Are the courses asynchronous and/or synchronous?

Online learning can be considered one of the major breakthroughs for education, with students and universities alike both experiencing the many benefits to remote education. Compare the pros and cons of online learning and determine if an online public health degree is right for you.