MPH-MPA Dual Public Health Degree

With the upcoming retirement of thousands of civil servants and the increased outsourcing of government work to non-profit and private organizations, receiving a Masters of Public Health – Masters of Public Administration (MPH-MPA) dual degree is a great option for those looking to make an impact. Individuals with an MPH-MPA dual degree shape policy on the local, state, regional, and federal levels. They collect data and develop health programs about issues ranging from the condition of local drinking water to noise levels, environmental contamination, and food safety.

Students in the program will gain skills in public health policy and management that are necessary to address critical health and health policy issues in the United States and throughout the world. The curriculum should prepare students on how to manage people, projects and money in a wide variety of organizations including nonprofits, government agencies, international non-governmental organizations, social enterprises, and private businesses. These skills will be developed through courses such as Health Economics for Evaluation and Policy, Epidemiology, Biostatistics/Statistics, Public Policy, Occupational Health, and Human Resource Management. 

As a result of MPH-MPA dual degree programs placing an emphasis on program implementation, management, and evaluation, this dual degree prepares health professionals for roles across many different sectors. 

Common careers opportunities that are available to  individuals with an MPH-MPA dual degree include:

  • Public Health Administrator
  • Management Analyst
  • Health Communications Specialist
  • Health Policy Analyst
  • Community Health Director
  • Health Outcomes Analyst

Information updated as of April 2020