MPH-MD Dual Public Health Degree

The Masters of Public Health-Doctor of Medicine (MPH-MD) dual degree is a unique degree that allows for soon-to-be physicians to have a richer learning experience by developing competencies in both public health and medicine. This, in turn, allows for graduates of the program to be prepared to deliver patient care while pursuing scholarly inquiry, to be leaders and advocates who address population-level issues that have an impact on individual health and engage with communities to improve health at the local, national, and global levels.

The MPH-MD dual degree will provide students with medical knowledge, clinical skills, interpersonal and communications skills and teach students how to integrate public health skills and knowledge into the practice of medicine. Additionally, students will be able to apply biostatistical and epidemiological methods to assess the effectiveness of medical treatments, identify diseases with public health impacts and identify methods for minimizing those diseases’ effects on populations. Graduates from the MPH-MD program should be able to then effectively communicate these medical findings to public health services, improve the practice environment, and manage patient care in complex Healthcare systems. 

Most MPH-MD programs take approximately 5 years to complete, with a year exclusively dedicated to public health coursework. The public health portion of the degree is usually completed between years 3 and 4 of medical school.

Those who receive an MPH-MD dual degree should be able to find career opportunities in academia, international and governmental agencies, clinics, health departments, and research centers. The degree can also help to prepare students for academic residency programs. 

Information updated as of April 2020