Accelerated Online MPH Programs

Students who want to quickly gain knowledge within the field of public health may be impatient with the thought of waiting 2–3 years to complete their Master of Public Health (MPH) program and might seek alternative options. Accelerated MPH programs are fast-paced, quick finishing educational programs that require students to take more courses at one time and be more focused during their master’s program. 

Some accelerated online MPH programs take as little as 1 year to complete, while others take around 15–18 months to complete. In either case, these expedited programs are a way to gain an MPH faster.

Accelerated Online MPH Programs

Not all schools offer an accelerated track, and there are even less online options available. We have compiled a list of accelerated MPH online programs with comprehensive information for you to browse and compare.   


George Washington University Master of Public Health

With the online Master of Public Health (MPH) program from GW’s No. 12-ranked Milken Institute School of Public Health, you can earn your MPH in as few as 12 months. Make a meaningful difference in public health without having to relocate. No GRE required. Apply now!

GRE: Scores not required

Minimum GPA to Apply: Not specified

Credit Hours: 45

Specializations Offered: Global Health, Health Policy, Environmental and Occupational Health, Epidemiology and Public Health Research Methods, Health Communication, Program Planning and Evaluation

Program Options: Online

Chamberlain University

School of Public Health: n/a

Credit Hours: 42

Length of Program: 4+ semesters

Format: Fully online

CEPH Accredited Programs? Candidacy

Location: Chicago, ILStudents may earn an MPH degree in as few as 4 semesters with accelerated MPH study at Chamberlain University. Online full-time and part-time options are available. The program does not require mandatory lecture login times, and there are no group grades. At the end of the program, each student will have a two-part practicum opportunity to work with a public health professional of their choice.

Hawaii Pacific University

School of Public Health: College of Health and Society

Credit Hours: 42

Length of Program: 12–16 months

Format: Fully online, hybrid

CEPH Accredited Programs? Yes

Location: Honolulu, HI 

HPU is the only university in the state of Hawaii that offers a fullyonline and CEPH-accredited accelerated MPH program. Students can choose an option without in-person meetings or a hybrid format that requires one in-person class meeting per 8-week term. Some conditional prerequisites courses may be required for students who lack previous education or experience in undergraduate-level statistics or public health.

Johns Hopkins University

School of Public Health: Bloomberg School of Public Health

Credit Hours: 80

Length of Program: 11 months

Format: Some online offerings available

CEPH Accredited Programs? Yes

Location: Baltimore, MD 

This accelerated MPH program at JHU consists of five 8-week terms and allows full-time students to complete 80 credits in less than one year. Students can take the courses that are available in online format and group elective courses by choosing one of 12 concentrations. A fully online/part-time MPH is also available, which takes 2–3 years to complete.

National University

School of Public Health: College of Professional Studies

Credit Hours: 72+ quarter units 

Length of Program: n/a

Format: Fully online

CEPH Accredited Programs? Yes

Location: San Diego, CA 

The accelerated MPH program at National University is offered in a unique one-course-per-month format. It prepares students for leadership positions in health promotion and disease prevention, community mental health or public healthcare administration. To receive the MPH degree, students must complete at least 72 quarter units of graduate work including the core MPH requirements and one area of specialization. 

New York Medical College

School of Public Health: School of Health Sciences and Practice

Credit Hours: 43

Length of Program: 12 months

Format: Hybrid

CEPH Accredited Programs? Yes

Location: Valhalla, NY 

This online hybrid accelerated MPH program at NYMC allows students to obtain a degree in a 12-month format over 3 consecutive semesters (summer, fall and spring). Students can choose to specialize in Health Policy and Management or Health Behavior and Community Health. Admission is limited to medical students, physicians and other healthcare professionals with advanced or terminal degrees, and residency is required.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

School of Public Health: Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 

Credit Hours: 45

Length of Program: 15 months

Format: Fully online

CEPH Accredited Programs? Yes

Location: Lubbock, TX 

The online accelerated MPH program at TTUHSC provides students the option to tailor coursework to personal and professional commitments. It will provide students with the knowledge, skills and values needed to succeed in careers that bridge medicine and public health. This accelerated online track can be completed in 15 months. Students will earn a general MPH degree without a specific major area.

The University of Southern California

School of Public Health: Keck School of Medicine

Credit Hours: 42

Length of Program: One year

Format: Fully online

CEPH Accredited Programs? No

Location: Bridgeport, CT 

The fast-track one-year online MPH at USC can be completed in four semesters via full-time enrollment. Students will be required to take two to four courses each term, which can be equivalent to a 40-hour-per-week course workload. It is recommended that students do not work when taking this fast-track MPH. This program has a summer start date in May.

University of Bridgeport

School of Public Health: School of Professional Studies

Credit Hours: 42

Length of Program: 12–15 months

Format: Fully online

CEPH Accredited Programs? No

Location: Bridgeport, CT 

In the online accelerated MPH program at UB, students will learn how to tackle a range of public health issues from acute and chronic illnesses to lifestyle and health behavior change, including maternal and child health, the opioid epidemic, influenza, obesity and emerging health issues. The program is offered through 7-week terms and can be completed in 12–15 months.

University at Buffalo – SUNY

School of Public Health: School of Public Health and Health Professions

Credit Hours: 44

Length of Program: One year

Format: Fully online

CEPH Accredited Programs? Yes

Location: Buffalo, New York

The accelerated track is offered in the online individualized MPH at UB and can be completed in one year. The curriculum consists of online courses addressing foundational knowledge and competency areas pertaining to public health. Students have the opportunity to select elective courses of interest and participate in a field training experience and a culminating project.

University of Florida

School of Public Health: College of Public Health and Health Professions

Credit Hours: 42

Length of Program: One year

Format: Fully online

CEPH Accredited Programs? Yes

Location: Gainesville, FL 

The accelerated MPH program at UFL offers an online format and is limited to candidates with a terminal degree in a health science field. According to the school, this degree is typically at the doctoral level, but for some health disciplines, it may be at the master’s level. For those who don’t have a terminal degree, they may consider the 48-credit MPH program.

What Is an Accelerated MPH Online Program?

The accelerated MPH is an intensive, fast-tracked program designed for highly motivated professionals seeking to earn an advanced degree in public health in a shorter time. Many accelerated MPH programs can be completed in 1 year, and the curriculum is usually similar to the curriculum of traditional MPH programs, which takes around 2 years to complete.

Accelerated MPH online programs refer to those of which courses are delivered online through synchronous or asynchronous format. Many working professionals or those who don’t want to relocate may consider this option to enjoy the flexibility of online learning.

While traditional program classes are usually 1.5 hours, twice a week, accelerated MPH classes may be up to 3 hours, twice a week. The reason for this difference is that accelerated programs are trying to provide more information within a shorter period of time so that students can graduate within their desired timeframe. 

The quality of online accelerated MPH programs is typically comparable to what you can find within the traditional environment. Although accelerated degree programs can sometimes shorten the time to complete, they still contain the same information and courses that are covered within traditional learning environments and are subjected to CEPH accreditation to ensure quality. 

Admissions Requirements

The admissions requirements of accelerated MPH programs vary largely depending on how the programs are designed and who the programs are designed for. Generally, because of the intensive nature of accelerated MPH programs, schools would expect prospective students to have relatively strong academic or professional backgrounds to successfully fulfill their commitment toward a degree.

Accelerated MPH applicants tend to be required to have a higher undergraduate GPA, often-times 3.25 or higher, to be competitive if they want to enroll in the accelerated track. GRE scores are not mandatory for some programs.

Some accelerated MPH programs are designed specifically for mid-career professionals, so schools may require applicants to have certain years of work experience related to public health sectors. 

While it is not very common, some schools may consider an accelerated MPH as a doctoral-level degree and require applicants to possess a terminal degree prior to applying. 

How Long Are Accelerated MPH Programs?

The length of time it takes to complete an accelerated online MPH program can range from as few as 12 months up to 15–18 months, depending on the school in which students enroll. 

1-Year MPH Programs Online: The fastest format of accelerated MPH programs is 1 year MPH programs. The credit hours required for these programs typically range from 42 to 45, meaning students will need to pack on up to nearly 12 credits per semester in order to complete their program within the 12-month or 4 semesters timeframe.

15–18 Month MPH Programs Online: Other accelerated MPH programs across the country may take between 15 and 18 months to complete. Students can still earn an online MPH degree faster with a weekly workload of around 8 credits per quarter. 

Depending on how dedicated you can be to your coursework and class attendance, you have different options of online accelerated MPH programs that work best for you.

Why Consider an Accelerated MPH Online?

Entering into an accelerated online MPH program can be an exciting and encouraging experience. Plus, students who are transitioning into graduate school could potentially see the benefits associated with a higher degree upon graduation, such as a higher salary and different career opportunities/paths.

There are benefits of online accelerated MPH programs for students who are eager to begin their careers and those who don’t have the time to put their lives on hold for up to 2 years. For some busy working professionals, the thought of spending these years trying to advance their career opportunities is not always a pleasant one.

One of the larger advantages of enrolling in an accelerated online MPH program is the ability to get involved within the field of public health quicker than other programs.If you are looking for a degree program that is fast paced and delivers the same quality as in-person degrees, an accelerated mph program may be your preferred option.

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What Makes an Accelerated MPH Program Quicker?

There are a few factors that contribute to the quick completion of accelerated online MPH degree programs and allow students to complete in one year. They include: 

Constant scheduling: In traditional degree programs, students take around 4 classes per semester, with breaks between each. Students have the option of enrolling in courses during long breaks, such as during the summer, to help shorten the length of time they spend in the program. In accelerated MPH programs, students take classes all throughout the year. While some accelerated degree programs only require students to take one or two courses at a time, students can continuously take courses without any significant breaks in between.

Shorter class duration: In addition to the constant scheduling, the course lengths for each program class are shorter in duration than the standard traditional course, which usually last an entire semester. Accelerated courses may last between 8 and 10 weeks, which allows students to complete twice the amount of courses within the same time period as traditional programs. This can be challenging for students, since accelerated degree programs require a significantly higher time commitment and dedication throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accelerated MPH Programs

Are there CEPH-accredited accelerated MPH programs?

Yes. The CEPH’s criteria for accreditation requires that all MPH degrees be awarded for no fewer than 42 semester credits of coursework. Therefore, if an MPH program is accredited or not does not depend on their time of completion but instead on credits required and other factors.

How can you find the best online accelerated program?

It’s a personal choice. Some criteria that students can take into account may include if the program is accredited by the CEPH, if the program offers the right concentrations, and if the pacing meets your expectation. Explore and compare the online accelerated MPH programs.

Are all one-year MPH programs accelerated ones?

No. Some schools may just require less credits than regular MPH programs and the programs can still be completed around one year. Accelerated MPH programs are characterized by the relatively intense and fast-paced coursework. Accelerated MPH can be in a one-year track, but not all one-year MPH programs are designed as accelerated MPH.

Can students work during accelerated MPH programs?

It depends on the school. Some schools may ask that students work only part time because of the pace and rigor of the program. Some accelerated MPH programs may require 60 to 80 hours of weekly coursework and a minimum GPA to graduate. Students need to take into consideration their total workload as well.

When is the application deadline for accelerated online MPH programs?

It varies depending on the program. For schools that offer two cohorts a year (September and January), their final application deadlines usually end around June to July and November to December, respectively. It’s best to check each school’s website for accurate information.

1-Year MPH vs. 2-Year MPH: Which one is right for you?

Before deciding if an accelerated MPH is right for you, one factor to consider is if you are willing to guarantee the time commitment and have the bandwidth to meet academic requirements in an intensive study. It may also be a good option if your initial expectation is to earn an MPH degree as early as possible. There are also many online MPH programs that don’t require GRE scores for admissions, which may save you some time in application preparation.

Information updated as of October 2020