Dual Doctorate Degrees in Public Health

The beauty of public health is that there are many avenues one can take to make a difference in the world. This can be by running a non-profit organization, changing health care policies, directly working with patients, or even all of the above – there are plenty of opportunities that you can experience within the public health field!

If you are the type of person who is interested in more than one field of study and an advanced degree is required, a dual doctorate degree program might be for you! 

Dual degree programs provide an avenue for students to concurrently enroll in two degree programs so that duplication in course content is minimized, academic interaction is more efficient, and the time and costs incurred are reduced compared to earning the degrees independently. Students interested in dual degree programs usually must apply and be admitted separately to each individual program and meet the requirements of each program for its respective degree.

Even though the idea of receiving a dual degree may sound intimidating, depending on your interests and the sector you would like to work in, receiving your dual degree may be extremely beneficial. 

Some common doctorate dual degree programs in the public health field are: