MPH-MSW Dual Public Health Degree

Substance abuse, mental and behavioral health policy and practice, violence incidence and interventions, and access to health care are critical overlapping areas within the public health and social work field that require much-needed attention. The Masters of Public Health-Masters of Social Work (MPH-MSW) dual degree is a perfect fit for those interested in combating these health issues on a larger scale by developing interventions, while still being able to provide individualized direct patient care to the general public, the disadvantaged and the underserved.

Since both fields are vitally concerned with human and social well-being, whether at the micro (clinical practice) or macro (societal and policy) levels, the MPH-MSW dual degree program draws discipline from both social work and public health theories, frameworks, research, and practice. This dual degree will teach students how to improve the health and wellbeing of others through the use of evidence-based practices and multi-level interventions, how to work across systems and professions to reach individuals, groups, communities, and populations, how to reduce risk and promote resilience and how to advance the the science of health disparities research. Students will develop these approaches and skills through courses such as Biostatistics and Research, Public Health Policy and Administration, Epidemiology, Human Behavior in the Social Environment, and Clinical Practice.

Advanced study in both social work and public health deepens knowledge and skills in the interface of the two fields, making graduates attractive candidates in the health and social service job market. 

Many MPH-MSW programs prepare graduates to assume leadership positions in managed care organizations and hospitals, in local and state health departments and federal health agencies, and with voluntary health agencies, community-based organizations and advocacy coalitions.  Additionally, those with training in direct patient care provide clinical services, often with additional management or planning responsibilities. 

Common career opportunities for those who hold an MPH-MSW dual degree include:

  • Program Coordinator/Manager
  • Health Educator
  • Social Service Administrator
  • Behavioral Health Clinician 
  • Clinical Research Assistant

Information updated as of April 2020