Public Health Schools and MPH Programs in Wyoming

Public health professionals can be an important resource for people throughout Wyoming. They may provide programs and policies that guide Wyoming residents to services benefiting their health and wellness. If this sounds intriguing to you, you may want to explore public health schools in Wyoming to find in-person or online Master of Public Health (MPH) programs that may help prepare you for public health careers.

Master of Public Health Programs in Wyoming

There are no MPH programs in Wyoming accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). If you’d like to complete an in-person MPH program, you might consider exploring programs in nearby states such as Idaho, Colorado or Utah. 

If completing an MPH program in WY is important to you, an online MPH program in Wyoming may help.

Online MPH Programs in Wyoming

Though there aren’t any accredited public health schools in Wyoming, choosing to pursue your degree online may be a convenient option if you want to continue working or maintain family responsibilities while you study. Taking an online MPH program in Wyoming eliminates drive time to and from campus. Part-time programs offer additional flexibility since they spread out the curriculum over a longer period of time than a full-time program. A part-time online MPH program in Wyoming may be ideal for students who can’t commit their entire week to studying.

There are many online MPH programs available. If you’re searching for these types of programs, look for programs that have CEPH accreditation for degrees in public health. Accreditation ensures the curriculum is relevant to the public health field and may provide a solid grounding to get accepted to a doctoral program in the future.

MPH programs online may include specializations in epidemiology, biostatistics, public health policy and development, and/or global health. Depending on your professional goals and interests, one of these specializations may be more fitting for you than the others.

Public Health Careers Outlook in Wyoming

Though Wyoming is a notably rural and sparsely populated state, there is a positive job outlook for multiple public health careers in the state. In fact, six of the 10 Wyoming public health careers in the table below have projected job growth as fast or faster than the national average. 

Pursuing a Master of Public Health in Wyoming may prepare you for some of these careers. All table information comes from O*NET OnLine data. 

Job TitleAvg. Salary in WY (Yearly)Avg. Salary in US (Yearly)Projected Job Growth in WY (2018-2028)Projected Job Growth in US (2019-2029)
Health Specialities Professors
Environmental Health Specialists
No data available
Medical and Health Services Managers/Healthcare Administrators
Health Educators
Occupational Health Specialist
Medical Records and Health Information Technicians
Dietitians and Nutritionists
Health Informatics Specialists 

*Estimate not released/provided by O*NET

Specializations to Consider in Wyoming

Choosing a specialization for a Master of Public Health in Wyoming may come down to what interests you most, though earning potential and projected job growth may also affect your decision. 

Based on the table above, two careers have a higher average yearly salary in Wyoming than the national average. The average salary for occupational health specialists in Wyoming was almost $2,000 higher than the national average. For medical records and health information technicians in Wyoming, the difference was even greater: just over $8,000 more than the national average.

In terms of projected job growth, these occupations have a higher rate of employment growth in Wyoming than across the country:

  • Health specialities professors have a 4% higher projected job growth rate in WY.
  • Environmental health specialists have a 2% higher projected job growth rate in WY.
  • Medical records and health information technicians have a 6% higher projected job growth rate in WY.
  • Dietitians and nutritionists have a 17% higher projected job growth rate in WY.
  • Health informatics specialists have a 9% higher projected job growth rate in WY.

For these occupations, it may be worth finding a corresponding degree specialization through a Master of Public Health in Wyoming. 

Organizations to Work for with a Public Health Degree

After you complete an online MPH program in Wyoming, you may want to stay in the state. Below are some local organizations where you may search for public health degree jobs.

State Health Information

With about 562,700 residents, Wyoming has the smallest population of all the states, according to data from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF),  and the sixth-highest rate (about 12%) of uninsured citizens in the country.

Here is more information about Wyoming from KFF: 

Earning a Master of Public Health in Wyoming or a nearby state may prepare you for careers that seek to improve some of these public health issues or put health spending to good use.

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Information last updated February 2021