Full List of Public Health Degrees in South Carolina

MPH programs throughout the state of South Carolina are found in high numbers. There are currently 12 programs at universities in South Carolina that provide focus into the various component of public health, including program planning, prevention planning, and community health education.

Overview of Public Health Degrees in South Carolina

As the 8th state entered into the Union, the state of South Carolina has a strong historical background in the United States. South Carolina is an ideal place to call home and an even more exciting place to find a career. If you live within this state and are looking for a degree program to improve your quality of life and the lives of others, public health is an excellent place to start.

The University of South Carolina is the leading source of CEPH accredited degree programs available for you to choose from. The need for public health specialists stems from the amount of people within the state living in poverty and without insurance. Of South Carolina's nearly 4.8 million population, 18% of people live in poverty and 14% currently have no health insurance. These are disturbing statistics that highlight the need for helpful public health support.

Consider the following accredited online MPH programs currently accepting applicants:

Online MPH Programs in South Carolina

Enrolling in a MPH program can be your first step to a successful career working with the public. People in general deserve further education on the health-related factors and programs around them for use. In online MPH programs, you can learn what services are provided to people within the community and how to put them in contact with them.

The University of South Caroline currently has 2 MPH programs available in an online setting. These programs include concentrations in Health Promotion, Education, & Behavior and Health Services Policy & Management. Each of these 2 programs is accredited by the CEPH, which is the leading accreditation authority for degree programs in public health.

When considering public health for your graduate program, rest assured that you have options to help preserve your independence and your ability to work full-time.

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Epidemiologist Careers & Salary in South Carolina

Protecting people and encouraging individuals to thrive are 2 important components in public health. If you have chosen public health for your graduate program, you probably have something inside of you that yearns to make a difference. In fields such as epidemiology, professionals are working hard to investigate different ailments and determine methods for keeping them at bay.

Diseases, for instance, may be more prominent in certain geographical areas or more susceptible to certain groups of people. It is up to the epidemiologist to find out why this is so, and make the public aware of these facts. This knowledge can help protect people from diseases and illnesses they may not have even been aware of in the first place. Starting a degree program in public health is a great start to pursuing an amazing career such as this one.

  • Average Salary: $70,820
  • Salary Range: $63,840 to $99,560
  • People Employed:

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Consider a Featured Online Public Health Program

School and Program Information Online Program? GRE Requirements Time for Completion
Tufts University
Online MHI
Online MS in Health Informatics & Analytics from Tufts School of Medicine. Harness data to improve human health. Bachelor’s required.
check_circle Online GRE Waivers Available As few as 20 months
George Washington University
Online MPH, Online MHI, Online MHA
CEPH Accredited
check_circle Online GRE Waivers Available As little as 12 months
University of North Carolina
Online MPH
The University of North Carolina's Gillings School of Global Public Health is an Accredited School of Public Health under the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).
check_circle Online GRE, GMAT or MCAT scores required As few as 20 months
Baylor University
The service-oriented Master of Public Health online program from Baylor University is now accepting applications.
check_circle Online No GRE Required As few as 12 months
Simmons University
Develop the methodological, leadership, and advocacy skills needed to address health inequity during our 21-month program.
check_circle Online No GRE Required As little as 2 years

Public Health Degrees in South Carolina

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Arnold School of Public Health


Milken Institute School of Public Health