Full List of Public Health Degrees in Missouri

The state of Missouri is host to 4 different universities that hold CEPH accreditation (the Council on Education for Public Health, widely considered as the top accrediting board for public health).

Overview of Public Health Degrees in Missouri

The state of Missouri is an ideal place for public health professionals. The population has recently grown in excess of 6 million and continues to grow at a rapid rate. With growth comes adjustment in some cases, making residents subject to periods of poverty and change over the years.

Missouri is ranked 20th in state poverty rankings, with 15% of citizens currently living under the federal poverty line. 13% of the population does not have insurance, making it important to address public health concerns for a large portion of the people within this state.

Public health education programs are a profound way for students to be a part of positive change for residents in this state. Missouri has 60 MPH programs at various universities throughout the state, including Missouri State University, Washington University at St. Louis, Saint Louis University, A.T. Still University, and the University of Missouri at Columbia. There are concentrations available for all walks of life, including Environmental/Epidemiology, Health Management & Policy, Biostatistics, Behavioral Science Health Education, Maternal & Child Health, Global Health, and Public Health Practice.

Consider the following accredited online MPH programs currently accepting applicants:

Online MPH Programs in Missouri

Students that prefer online MPH programs also have a wealth of opportunity throughout the state of Missouri.

Online education has provided an innovative approach to college degree programs, which some students find much more convenient than standard programs. A.T. Still University and the University of Missouri at Columbia are 2 schools that provide CEPH accredited programs for interested students. Degree programs available include MPH programs with concentrations such as Generalist, Dental Public Health, Health Promotion and Policy, and joint degree programs.

If you are undecided about which path you wish to take, the Generalist concentration is a great choice that provides public health education in a wide range of different subjects. Health-related degree programs focusing on the different components of personal health, such as dental sciences, health sciences, and even women's health are also available for students that have a very specific interest within the public health field. Regardless of which specialty you choose to pursue, Missouri has high-quality educational programs available for enrollment.

By far the most popular degree offered at universities in Missouri is some form or concentration of the Master's of Public Health degree, which is common across the nation. Many people that desire to study public health as a career tend to have an undergraduate or bachelor's degree in nursing, healthcare administration, or some sort of health sciences degree.

With Saint Louis University and Washington University in St. Louis, both located in St. Louis, the city has multiple options at all degree levels of public health.

The University of Missouri, in Columbia, has multiple programs as well and is a very highly respected university.

State Public Health Resources

Outlook for Public Health in Missouri

Unfortunately, the state of Missouri has not put much emphasis on public health quite yet. The State's 2013-2014 budget funding per capita was just $5.67, good for last in the entire United States with a total budget of just over $34,000,000. Historically Missouri is near the bottom with public health funding.

Epidemiologist Careers & Salary in Missouri

Whether you choose an applied field in public health or one solely based in research and development, you may be playing a huge role in the overall improvement of public health awareness. Fields such as epidemiology are critical in providing helpful and innovative methods for preventing illness and disease on a large scale.

In areas with dense populations, disease control and prevention are extremely important due to the large number of citizens that are susceptible to these illnesses on a daily basis. If you want to be a part of this highly influential field, enrolling in a MPH program is your first step. Our team has provided some salary and employment information from recent years in the section below for you to browse.

  • Average Salary: $53,730
  • Salary Range: $41,260 to $84,030
  • People Employed: 110

State Public Health Indicator Ranks

State Poverty Rank: 
State Poverty Percentage: 
State Uninsured Rank: 
State Uninsured Percentage: 

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Consider a Featured Online Public Health Program

School and Program Information Online Program? GRE Requirements Time for Completion
Tufts University
Online MS in Health Informatics & Analytics from Tufts School of Medicine.
Harness data to improve human health. Bachelor’s required.
check_circle Online GRE Waivers Available As few as 20 months
George Washington University
Online MPH, Online MHI, Online MHA
CEPH Accredited
check_circle Online GRE Waivers Available As little as 12 months
University of North Carolina
Online MPH
The University of North Carolina's Gillings School of Global Public Health is an Accredited School of Public Health under the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).
check_circle Online GRE, GMAT or MCAT scores required As few as 20 months
Baylor University
The service-oriented Master of Public Health online program from Baylor University is now accepting applications.
check_circle Online No GRE Required As few as 12 months
Simmons University
Develop the methodological, leadership, and advocacy skills needed to address health inequity during our 21-month program.
check_circle Online No GRE Required As little as 2 years

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