Full List of Public Health Degrees in Connecticut

There are multiple options in multiple locations within Connecticut for earning a public health degree at all levels. With options in New Haven and Storrs, and hybrid program offerings (combination of online and on-campus learning), Connecticut is an excellent place to get your public health degree.

The state of CT ranks very well with some of the top public health indicators. With an uninsured percentage of 8% (percentage of the community that does not have insurance), and a poverty percentage of 10%, it is among the top in the nation. Those factors are just two indicators, but it gives you an idea of a couple of the massively impacting statistics you would be working with as a public health professional in Connecticut.

Consider the following accredited online MPH programs currently accepting applicants:

Overview of Public Health Degrees in Connecticut

Connecticut is a pleasant place to reside and has some of the more impressive standings for public health indicators. Current statistics show that Connecticut has a poverty rank of 47, meaning that 46 states ahead of it are higher in poverty rates. Only 8% of the population is currently uninsured, which is a small percentage in comparison to the rest of the nation.

However, 8% of Connecticut's 3.5 million residents lack the proper resources to receive adequate health care. Public health professionals can provide these residents with the information and education they need to find proper health-related resources throughout their community. If you wish to become a helping hand in the fight against poverty, disease, and threats to wellness, public health is a great place to get into the game.

Connecticut current has 29 MPH programs that offer students higher education in the field of public health. Schools such as Yale University, the University of Connecticut, and Southern Connecticut University have MPH programs open for interested applicants.

Online MPH Programs in Connecticut

Online MPH Programs consist of course work that encompasses general information regarding the overall health of society, a deep look into the various resources available to help aid citizens with increasing their wellness, and preventative measures that may be enacted to assist businesses with providing safer work environments and approved services for their clients.

There are many different specializations available that can meet your needs and provide you with an education that is suitable for the work you plan to do. It is always wise to research the available concentrations prior to enrolling at any university. If you are considering an online program, you should also be prepared to involve yourself with students with similar desires. Online courserooms were created to allow students to take the lead.

Through online MPH programs, you can truly shine through your involvement in class debates, projects, and quizzes. Some of the potential MPH programs available through the state of Connecticut are listed below.

  • MPH - Health Promotion
  • MPH - Biostatistics
  • MPH - Chronic Disease Epidemiology
  • MPH - Public Health Modeling
  • MPH - Environmental Health Sciences
  • MPH - Health Care Management

Yale University MPH and DPH

Yale University leads the way with multiple masters and doctorate-level programs, but the Ivy League school of public health is highly, highly selective.

University of Connecticut MPH

The University of Connecticut's Health Center has an MPH option, as does the Southern Connecticut State University Department of Public Health (MPH in Health Promotion).

State Public Health Resources

Epidemiologist Careers & Salary in Connecticut

Working in public health can provide you with a great sense of accomplishment throughout your career. Citizens in the state of Connecticut deserve to have public health professionals working hard to ensure their safety and stability in society. Epidemiology in particular is a popular place for students to invest their program.

This branch of public health can be a monumental part of what keeps people safe in different areas of the state. If you are interested in being a part of this highly investigative career path, degree programs in the state of Connecticut are available for enrollment. CEPH accredited programs provide the best quality education for future epidemiologists, so be sure to research the provisions of your program prior to enrolling.

  • Average Salary: $87,510
  • Salary Range: $63,020 to $114,910
  • People Employed: 120

State Public Health Indicator Ranks

State Poverty Rank: 
State Poverty Percentage: 
State Uninsured Rank: 
State Uninsured Percentage: 

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Consider a Featured Online Public Health Program

School and Program Information Online Program? GRE Requirements Time for Completion
Tufts University
Online MS in Health Informatics & Analytics from Tufts School of Medicine.
Harness data to improve human health. Bachelor’s required.
check_circle Online GRE Waivers Available As few as 20 months
George Washington University
Online MPH, Online MHI, Online MHA
CEPH Accredited
check_circle Online GRE Waivers Available As little as 12 months
University of North Carolina
Online MPH
The University of North Carolina's Gillings School of Global Public Health is an Accredited School of Public Health under the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).
check_circle Online GRE, GMAT or MCAT scores required As few as 20 months
Baylor University
The service-oriented Master of Public Health online program from Baylor University is now accepting applications.
check_circle Online No GRE Required As few as 12 months
Simmons University
Develop the methodological, leadership, and advocacy skills needed to address health inequity during our 21-month program.
check_circle Online No GRE Required As little as 2 years

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