MSEH – Master of Science in Environmental Health

When you think of public health degrees, you probably most often consider finding remedies and solutions for individual health problems. The majority of public health degree programs available focus on the individual in one form or another, making environmental health a unique field for public health students wanting something a little different in their education.

The Master of Science in Environmental Health takes a slightly different approach at the improvement of public health. The environment is a huge factor in determining how safe people are from dangerous illness, disease, or even injuries. This degree program focuses on the different hazards that are present within the natural living environment, work and school environments, the public domain, and even in remote locations.

What Online Environmental MPH Degree Options Are There?

The MS in Environmental Science is a great option for students that want to be a part of the fascinating realm of public health. Students that enroll in this degree program can have the opportunity to learn how to scrutinize an area for potential risks and hazards to human health. This type of research can help students develop, test, and analyze the effectiveness of environmental prevention and treatment plans that are set forth to protect the general public from these possible risks.

How Does This Degree Relate to Public Health?

The Master of Science in Environmental Health is a big part of what makes up public health. As you learn more about what public health provides as a discipline, you will see that people interact with their environments in ways that can either promote or compromise their wellness. Making improvements to the environment or providing prevention programs to restrict risk can help keep people safe in all areas of their normal functioning.

Degree programs that center on environmental health help students understand the importance of a safe environment for people from all walks of life. If you enroll in this program, you might learn how wastes from manufacturing can affect the health of nearby residents, how diseases may be more prominent in warmer areas of the country, or even how illness is spread through schools with less-than-perfect air filtration systems. Each of these topics can help explain the prominence of disease or illness within different environments, which can lead to better programming for prevention and treatment.

Environmental Public Health Career Options

After you have obtained your degree in Environmental Health, you can become part of the helpful team that works hard to provide safe living, working, and educational environments for all people. Depending on what interests you, you could find careers working in many diverse settings. Some of the most common career titles are listed below.

  • Environmental Health Specialist
  • Environmental Health Research
  • Consultation
  • Classroom or Workplace Design Specialist
  • Public Health Policy Development

Information updated as of April 2020