MPP – Master of Public Policy

Masters in Public Policy (MPP) teaches students to break down and analyze the various forms of government policies, legal policies, and even budgeting.The skills taught within the Master’s in Public Policy program can potentially contribute to learners’ ability to find careers in legislature or even government in the future. This professional sector is highly research-oriented and relies on the studies of other professionals to grow.

Those interested in this field should be open-minded and willing to learn continuously throughout their career.

The Master’s in Public Policy Degree Online

Online Master’s in Public Policy programs are a great way for current professionals to obtain a degree while still working full-time or tending to everyday responsibilities. The online curriculum for this program is the same as traditional in-person programs, but provides the opportunity for independent learning.

Online courses are designed to have ease of use, while providing students with various references and support systems to guide them along the way. The responsibility of course assignments and exams are still a factor in online programs, which require the student to digitally submit documents or take timed exams while logged into the school’s system.

Online Master’s in Public Policy programs are a great fit for busy professionals with the desire to move further in their career.

Typical Public Policy Curriculum

The curriculum within the Master’s in Public Policy programs provides a great foundation for knowledge for learners.

A reputable university providing this program requires that students take foundation courses such as Law and Public Policy, which introduces students to various court decisions and legislative policies that outline the importance of public policy from a legal point of view. Since this field deals heavily with law as a secondary aspect, students are likely to see a lot of legal subjects within the program.

Public Leadership and Management is another course offered by universities. This course details the important aspects and characteristics of effective leaders within the administrative and legislative fields. The skills acquired during courses such as these can contribute to how effective and how respected an individual is while working in the field.

Typical Career Paths for Public Policy Master’s Degree Holders

A Master’s in Public Policy provides learners with skills that can be applicable in a number of settings. Positions in the public and private sector of the national government may be available to individuals with this degree.

Those that are interested in getting involved with political careers or non-profit organizations can find that this degree provides the skills necessary to get started. The analysis skills paired with the leadership skills learned throughout this degree programs sets a great foundation for learners with the desire to move forward in a career path that can potentially be unending.

Information updated as of April 2020