MOH – Master of Occupational Health

The workplace is not always a safe place for employees to carry on their everyday duties. In order to provide advice, techniques, and practices to assist with bettering the safety within these work environments, occupational health specialists are needed.

With a Master’s in Occupational Health, safety-oriented and determined individuals can find a career that is fulfilling and provides a great service to hard-working citizens throughout the country. People that desire to apply problem-solving skills in real-life working conditions are excellent candidates for the occupational health field.

As professionals, occupational health specialists can analyze working conditions, apply changes or training depending on the environment, and maintain health regulations for a number of businesses. This field contributes a great deal to the overall safety of professionals in the workplace.

Master’s of Occupational Health Degree Online

The accreditation process as well as the constant scrutiny of these programs has caused the distance education business to rise in reliability and acceptance over the last decade.

The online Master’s in Occupational Health program is a great choice for individuals that need convenience, but still require a high quality education. The online Master’s in Occupational Health program requires learners to actively take part in class discussions regarding the subjects at hand and complete assignments and projects within predetermined time frames.

Using an online platform, students are expected to complete assignments, submit assignments, and take exams. The online degree path is vigorous and highly effective for learners that seek a Master’s in Occupational Health.

What Does an Occupational Health Program Consist of?

While in the Master’s in Occupational Health program, students are expected to indulge in classes that pertain directly to the various dangerous materials and conditions that may be present in a workplace. One university offering this program requires that students take Fire Protection Technology and Advanced Toxicology.

Fire Protection Technology informs students of the various dangers including fire that workers may be subjected to while working in their positions. It also enlightens learners about the various technologies in place to protect workers and inform authorities in the event of fires.

Advanced toxicology teaches students about the many harmful substances that may be used during the manufacturing process as well as by-products of some base products. This program is designed to create well-informed and knowledgeable professionals that are prepared for any dangerous circumstance in the field.

What Can You Do With a Master’s Degree in Occupational Health?

With a Master’s in Occupational Health, professionals can work in any setting that provides employment or services to individuals. Occupational health specialists are needed by large organizations to inspect facilities for potential errors and to intervene in the midst of dangerous or toxic exposures.

As a professional in this field, individuals can work in manufacturing, human services, or even health care. Occupational health specialists in the healthcare field provide a needed service to the medical faculty that assists with the care of sick and injured patients.

Occupational health specialists that work in the field reference helpful organizations, such as the Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare, to provide only the most reputable services to hospitals and medical facilities across the country.

Information updated as of April 2020