MHSA – Master of Health Services Administration

Healthcare professionals that have the desire to promote their career to a higher level are an excellent fit for Master’s in Health Services Administration programs. As a choice for current healthcare professionals and those new to the healthcare field alike, Master’s in Health Services Administration programs provide the skills needed to be an asset to any medical facility.

The purpose of this career field is to provide top-level managers, analysts, and planners to contribute to better operating facilities. Current healthcare professionals that seek more from their career are an excellent fit for this degree program.

Master’s in Health Services Administration Online

Online Master’s in Health Services Administration programs are a great option for individuals interested in this path. Since this degree program attracts current healthcare professionals, the availability of online courses is one of the many perks.

Online degree programs have been designed to mimic traditional degree programs in that the requirements for both are similar. Online Master’s in Health Services Administration programs require that students take part in classroom discussion, posting opinions or responses to relevant questions.

Group projects are also required through some courses, which encourages students to work together through course chat rooms or e-mail to complete course-related assignments. Although the atmosphere is much different in an online setting, the courses have been designed to be equally as efficient.

Sponsored Online Public Health Administration Programs

The following sponsored school offers a Masters in Public Health Administration program online: 

George Washington University

Milken Institute School of Public Health


Master of Health Administration

With GW’s online Master of Health Administration program, MHA@GW, you can earn your degree and become a health care leader in as few as 24 months. Bachelor’s degree required. No GRE/GMAT required.

  •  Complete online in as few as 24 months
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • No GRE/GMAT scores required


Typical Courses for Health Services Administration Master’s Programs

Throughout a Master’s in Health Services Administration program, students can take courses that pertain to the healthcare field, law, economics, and statistics. The elements of this degree program outline the overall expectations of health service professionals while in the field.

Some universities offering this degree program provide courses such as Healthcare Policy, which provides students with the knowledge of the various policies that are present in healthcare facilities. Since there are so many regulations placed upon healthcare facilities, it is vital that professionals are aware of their expectations prior to entering the field. Political Science is another course offered by universities.

This course gives learners the experience in general law, which could be helpful while learning and adapting to the differing regulations of the healthcare field.

What Can You Do With a Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration?

With a Master’s in Health Services Administration, professionals can find careers in a variety of healthcare-related positions. Since this degree program is extremely diverse in nature, health services administration specialists have the potential to work in management, financial planning, or even federal regulatory compliance.

Each of these branches of health services administration can provide professionals with careers that are reputable and long-lasting in the medical field. Career-focused specialists in this field can find that the atmosphere can be supportive and respectful throughout the course of a career. The importance of connections in this field goes well beyond the workplace. In order to have access to the best careers and better opportunities, professionals should connect with organizations that provide resources in their specialty.

Organization to Know:

The Health Care Administrators Association is an excellent resource for professionals entering the field. This organization is a leading provider of networking, support, and advocacy for current Healthcare administrators throughout the field.

Information updated as of April 2020