MHS – Master of Health Science

Students that are interested in pursuing a higher knowledge in public health may benefit directly from taking part in Master of Health Science degree programs. These interesting programs can provide a foundation of knowledge in the field of health science for students that want to learn more about human health, healthcare systems, federal programming, and effective leadership.

MHS degree programs have been implemented to help students gain a better understanding in specialized areas of health science, such as some of the concentration areas listed below.

  • Child Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Population Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Geriatric Health

This degree program is best suited with a specialty, due to the need for advanced understanding within the listed areas of concentration. During a MHS degree program, students can learn about the specific disorders, diseases, preventative methods, and treatments available to each group. For example, students that choose a specialization in Child Health may focus more on the needs of children than other people throughout the population.

Health science degree programs are an excellent choice for students that want to pursue careers working in hospitals or research centers that focus on public health. This field has the potential to provide further advancement in clinical care of patients as well as improvement to public health programs that concern each group.

How Does This Degree Relate to Public Health?

The MHS degree is a small component in the wide field of public health. Although each part of public health is important to the overall development, general public health programs may not provide enough focus into each subfield for students that wish to pursue a specialty. Health science itself is at the core of your understanding of disease, illness, wellness, and prevention. In order for you to play a part in developing helpful public health initiatives, you must have a solid understanding of health sciences from a proactive perspective.

In public health-oriented positions, health science majors may be able to provide insight into group-effective programs that can help increase wellness for patients within certain groups. Each group is equally important in the eyes of public health, making health science graduates an important part of the overall public health pool.

What Career Options Are There For This Degree?

  • Community Health Specialist
  • Health Service Manager
  • Healthcare Research
  • Environmental Analyst
  • Hospital Management

Information updated as of April 2020