MHIHIM – Health Information Management

In the health informatics field, how users store and retrieve data is an important part of providing high-quality care to patients. Hospitals and other medical centers rely on computer information systems to keep track of important patient information, healthcare history, and billing data in order to operate efficiently.

Degree programs such as the Master of Health Informatics & Health Information Management (MHIHIM) were designed in order to train professionals to work with computers in a healthcare setting. This degree program is especially helpful to people that are interested in working with computer information systems in a clinical setting.

What Is The MHIHIM Degree?

The Master of Health Informatics and Health Information Management degree program focuses on topics that are common within most IT degree programs – including courses that teach computer coding, program design, and technology management. This degree program also takes into consideration the need for advanced knowledge of healthcare organizations and programming, since this is the information that will be stored in the field. The MHIHIM is similar to the Online MHI program, but also has distinct differences.

How Does This Degree Relate to Public Health?

Health informatics and health information management can potentially play a huge role in the development of helpful public health policies and programs. Information gained through research and everyday operation can help provide data that is used during the creation and improvement of public health programs across the country.

Health information systems are also a major part of effective treatment in clinical settings. Hospitals require experienced computer information systems professionals to assist with teaching new systems to employees, training employees on how to store and retrieve data, and to respond in the event of systems failure. These programs have grown into a vital piece of the healthcare community.

What Online Degree Options Are There?

Students that are interested in pursuing careers as health informatics specialists or information systems managers can benefit from obtaining master’s level education within their field. Some of the educational programs available to students require that students have an undergraduate degree in computer information systems or public health prior to being accepted. 

What Career Options Are There For This Degree?

The MHIHIM degree program contains diverse information from the field of computer technology and healthcare. Students that are trained within these areas can seek out careers that are vital to the daily operation of large hospitals and medical centers. Some of the common roles with this degree are listed below for you to view.

  • Computer Information Systems Tech
  • Health Informatics Specialist
  • IT Manager
  • Computer Program Developer
  • Consultation/Trainer

Information updated as of April 2020