BSW - Bachelor of Science in Social Work

Working with the public, regardless of the specialty, requires a special type of personality. For individuals that display excellent people skills, patience, and compassion, social work is definitely a great fit.

A Bachelor’s in Social Work can provide graduates with a stable foundation for graduate school in the future or can even provide access to many entry-level positions alone. This program was developed to give learners the knowledge of various forms of social-related fields as well as the skills needed to communicate effectively with people from varying backgrounds.

Bachelor's of Social Work Online Degree

Pursuing a Bachelor’s of Social Work online can mean more time and more convenience for learners, regardless of location. Online bachelor’s programs are growing in popularity each year, with more students realizing their own potential to learn independently and make the most of their time.

The online format of this degree includes the same curriculum at the same level of reliability. Students are expected to be able to properly operate a computer system and use internet to log into their school’s online course room. In this virtual course room, students can read course material, retrieve assignments, submit assignments, take quizzes and tests, and take part in discussion threads with the rest of their classmates.

Curriculum for Online Bachelor's of Social Work Degrees

The course requirements for the Bachelor’s in Social Work program are relevant to the social work field and provide a wealth of knowledge for individuals searching for the perfect career. As with most undergraduate programs, students are expected to take courses for their major as well as the general education requirements set forth by their educational institution.

The program itself is 4 years in length on average and includes social work oriented courses such as History and Methods of Social Work, which includes some historical studies and resources regarding the social work field and how methods were created. Human Behavior and the Social Environment is another course offered through one university’s social work program. This course outlines the effects of the social environment on human behavior as well as addressing questions as to why certain people react different ways in the same social situations. Since the communities across the country are so diverse, it is vital that students are given the opportunity to learn about the different cultures and the customs associated with each one.

Different Career Options for Social Workers

The social work field is so large that it has a place in nearly all aspects of government and state business. Many people continue on to earn their MSW, or Master's of Social Work degree.

With a Bachelor’s in Social Work, professionals may gain entry to many entry-level positions in human services, rehabilitation services, child welfare departments, and community assistance organizations. Social workers are some of the leading sources of assistance for residents that need guidance for general life difficulties, the desire to have access to state programs, and resources regarding custody or wellness of children. The National Association of Social Workers is one of the leading membership organizations for social workers throughout the country. With more than 150,000 members currently, it is an excellent place for upcoming professionals to become involved and have access to resources from those in their field.

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BSW - Bachelor of Science in Social Work Degree Programs

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