Accelerated Online MPH Programs

Consider an Accredited Online Public Health Program:

Students that want to quickly gain respect within the field of Public Health may be impatient with the thought of waiting 2 - 3 years to complete their master's level program. In today's society, people are able to satisfy their needs quickly, even in educational programs. Accelerated MPH programs are fast-paced, quick finishing educational programs that require students to take more courses and be more focused during their master's program.

Some Accelerated MPH programs take as few as 12 months to complete, while others can range in the 18-24 month range.

Entering into a MPH program can be an exciting and encouraging experience. Students that are moving into higher education can reap the benefits of more job opportunities within the field and potentially more pay as a Public Health professional.

The choice of an online accelerated MPH program can give students peace of mind as they consider the time requirements that they must submit to when enrolling into a degree program. For some busy adults, the thought of spending years trying to advance their career opportunities is not always a pleasant one.

Accelerated Online MPH Programs

  • George Washington University: One of the most popular accelerated online MPH programs for upcoming students can be found at GWU. This university offers students both 12 and 18 months options for their degree program. During the 12 month program, students can take up to 11.5 credits per semester. Students that are in the 18 month program can take 7.5 credits per semester. Both programs require previous approval from the school prior to becoming enrolled.
  • The University of New England: The online accelerated MPH program at the University of New England is a great choice for students that are looking to get started within the field of Public Health as quickly as possible. This university states that students enrolled in this online program can complete the 46 credit hour requirement within 18 months. There is no GRE required for admission, which makes this program even more attractive for students that are looking for a quick result.
  • Loyola University: The MPH program at Loyola University is a great option for students that are seeking quick entry into the field of Public Health. This university requires that students complete 42 credit hours for graduation and consists of concentrations in either Public Health Policy and Management or Epidemiology. As part of this degree program, students may also be required to take part in a practicum that can help shape and improve current skills in the field.
  • The University of Florida: The University of Florida has a fascinating online accelerated MPH program that can be finished within 12-18 months. Students have the option of taking courses at a full-time or part-time rate, depending on what they require for their own personal needs. This entire program consists of 42 credit hours and requires students to take courses such as Statistics, Epidemiology, and Psychological Issues in Public Health.

How Long Are Accelerated MPH Programs

The length of time it takes to complete an accelerated online MPH program depends on the school in which students enroll. The most popular option for students interested in these programs is the 12-month programs offered by several universities across the country. The credit hour requirement for these programs is typically around 42-45, meaning students will need to pack on up to nearly 12 credits per semester in order to complete their program within the 12-month timeframe.

Other programs across the country may consist of 18 month programs or even some that can be completed in 2 years. Depending on how dedicated you can be to your coursework and class attendance, you have different options for what can work best for you.

Why Consider an Accelerated Program?

In comparison to traditional programs, accelerated classes may be longer in length per day. While traditional program classes are usually 1.5, twice a week, accelerated degree classes may be 3 hours, twice a week. The reason for this difference is that accelerated programs are trying to provide more information within a shorter period so that students can graduate within their desired timeframe. For students that have the time to engage in more hours of course work weekly, this is the best option.

The quality of accelerated degree programs is comparable to what you can find within the traditional environment. Although accelerated degree programs can sometimes shorten the length of completion by 2 or 3 years, they still contain the same information and courses that are covered within traditional learning environments. Accelerated degree programs are also subjected to accreditation, which is a huge factor for students that are concerned about the overall quality and usability of their degree.

Probably the biggest advantage of enrolling in an accelerated degree program is the ability to get involved within the field of Public Health quicker than other programs. For students, this can mean earlier advancement within their career, more earnings over time, and more free time for other personal endeavors. If you are looking for a degree program that is packed with benefits for learners, accelerated degree programs may be your preferred option.

What Makes an Accelerated Program Quicker?

There are a few factors that contribute to the quick completion of accelerated degree programs. In traditional degree programs, students take around 4 classes per semester, with breaks between each. Students have the option of enrolling in courses during long breaks, such as during the summer, to help shorten the length of time they spend in the program. In accelerated degree programs, students take classes all throughout the year. While some accelerated degree programs only require students to take one or two courses at a time, students continuously take courses without any significant breaks in between.

In addition to the constant scheduling, the course lengths for each program class is shorter in duration that the standard traditional course. Traditional courses last an entire semester. Accelerated courses may last between 8-10 weeks, which allow students to complete twice the amount of courses within the same time period as traditional programs. This can be challenging for students, since accelerated degree programs require a significantly higher time commitment and dedication throughout.

Consider a Featured Online Public Health Program

School and Program Information Online Program? GRE Requirements Time for Completion
Tufts University
Online MS in Health Informatics & Analytics from Tufts School of Medicine.
Harness data to improve human health. Bachelor’s required.
check_circle Online GRE Waivers Available As few as 20 months
George Washington University
Online MPH, Online MHI, Online MHA
CEPH Accredited
check_circle Online GRE Waivers Available As little as 12 months
University of North Carolina
Online MPH
The University of North Carolina's Gillings School of Global Public Health is an Accredited School of Public Health under the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).
check_circle Online GRE, GMAT or MCAT scores required As few as 20 months
Baylor University
The service-oriented Master of Public Health online program from Baylor University is now accepting applications.
check_circle Online No GRE Required As few as 12 months
Simmons University
Develop the methodological, leadership, and advocacy skills needed to address health inequity during our 21-month program.
check_circle Online No GRE Required As little as 2 years