Full List of Public Health Degrees in North Carolina

North Carolina is pretty well covered when it comes to breadth of options and locations of the campus based public health programs. The state also ranks pretty well in its public health indicator ranks when compared against the other 50 states in the country.

With organizations such as the North Carolina Public Health Foundation fundraising in excess of $5 million since 2006 to support the North Carolina Department of Public Health programs, it is obvious that the state is serious about maintaining its quality ranks.

For someone looking to go into public health or to continue your education, it is a great sign to have independent organizations raise funds to assist with the public health for the community.

State Public Health Resources

The state of North Carolina has multiple options in multiple locations for public health degree programs, and between the 4 universities offering accredited programs, they have each and every degree level covered.

Most programs are masters level (which is the most common degree offering according to our research), and so far every program we have come across in North Carolina is only taught on the university campus.

For those living in rural areas of North Carolina that are not interested in traveling, particularly for masters or higher degrees, consider using our public health degree search to find an online program.

State Public Health Indicator Ranks

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Featured Online Public Health Programs

The following schools offer Public Health programs online, and are currently accepting applicants for their program.

Master's and Doctorate of Public Health programs focus on public health concepts, theories, and practices that are used within the field of public health. Specific classes are dependent on the MPH track, but generally you will study national public health curriculum standards, psychological, behavioral, and social factors influencing population-based health issues. Program includes collaborative real-world project with local public health organizations.
MPH program studies the core areas of public health: biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, public health administration, and social and behavioral sciences. Program specifically looks in depth on global issues, and curriculum and classes include an interactive online experience and learning environment.

Public Health Degrees in North Carolina Search Tool

Use the below filters to narrow down to the public health degree you are looking for. The default listings are sorted by popularity, but you should create your own filters to get results best tailored to you.


Department of Public Health Sciences

BSPH - Bachelor's of Science of Public Health - Community Health Practice - Traditional learning format
MSPH - Master of Science in Public Health - Community Health Practice - Traditional learning format
PhD - Doctor of Philosophy - Behavioral Sciences - Traditional learning format
MSPH-JD - Community Health Practice - Traditional learning format

Brody School of Medicine Department of Public Health

MPH - Master of Public Health - Health Education & Promotion - Traditional learning format
MPH - Master of Public Health - Analysis & Management - Traditional learning format
MPH-MD - Public Health

Department of Public Health Education

MPH - Master of Public Health - Community Health Education - Traditional learning format
Chapel Hill

Gillings School of Global Public Health

PharmD-MPH - Public Health - Traditional learning format