Dual Joint MPH in Public Health Degree Programs

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Joint degree programs are university-created programs that combine the curriculum of 2 different degrees to shorten the amount of time it takes students to complete both programs. This can be achieved by combining 2 degree programs that have similar or complementary concepts, even if in 2 different fields. For example, a popular choice for college students is the MPH-MBA joint program. This program allows students to take courses in both subject areas, which are typically 35-45 credit hours each. Most joint programs are around 60-68 credit hours in length - which translates to about 2 years of full-time study.

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What is a Joint or Dual Public Health Degree?

Public Health is an excellent place to settle into a degree program. The reach of this area is beyond what most degree programs can fathom, and can lead to many career opportunities after graduation. Since degree programs in Public Health have grown into a popular choice for upcoming college students, more specializations and programs continue to open each year. One of the most innovative options for pursuing a master's level degree within this field is to combine it with other master's programs for optimum possibilities. Dual or joint degree programs are a great choice for students that have diverse interests or for those that simply want to cover as much ground as possible when working in the field.

From a student's perspective, dual degree programs present themselves like any other master's level program. Some schools require that students apply to both programs prior to enrolling in courses, so that they are sure that they meet the minimum qualifications of each subject. Once they have been admitted, students can enroll in courses that are pre-authorized by their institution. Most schools allow courses from the MPH program to apply towards the dual program available, so that the time it takes to complete both degrees is shortened.

Without enrolling in a joint degree program, it could take around 4 - 5 years for students to complete 2 master's programs. Dual programs have been modified to allow students to complete their program within 2 - 3 years at most. Although the time is shortened, the quality of education is still high, since programs continue to hold their accreditation after being combined with other degree programs.

Why is the MPH the Most Common for Joint Degrees?

When you search for dual degree programs, you may find that the MPH is the most popular base degree for students choosing to enroll. The reason for this is likely due to the size and influence of the healthcare field, as well as its innovations with technology. The healthcare field employs millions across the country, making it one of the largest providers of employment from all disciplines. With such a large number of people employed by the healthcare field, it is a popular place for students to indulge in joint degree programs.

Combining a MPH degree with Business, Social Work, Computer Science, Leadership, or even specialty degrees such as Nursing can lead to increased career opportunities within the field. MPH programs were designed to better educate students about the laws and regulations surrounding the healthcare field, the promotion and education of the public regarding their own wellness, and the creation of helpful public health policies that can help to increase overall public health for all people.

Knowing how widespread the field of healthcare is, students wanting to extend their capabilities within their career choose the MPH most frequently for their joint degree program. If you are also considering joint degree programs for your master's degree, the MPH is a great place to start.

Different Types of Joint MPH Degrees

  • MPH-MBA: MPH-MBA joint degree programs can prove to be excellent opportunities for business-minded students that want to get their feet into the door within the healthcare field. Through dual degree programs, students can learn skills that are relevant to both the fields of Public Health and Business, which can prove to be beneficial after graduation. This joint program results in students earning both degrees within a 2 year time frame. Topics that are included within this program may include Public Health Assessment, Business Law, Management, and Finance.
  • MPH-MHA: Dual degree programs for MPH and MHA interested students are available at universities all over the country. The goal of this joint program is to provide students with a skillset that includes topics and specializations within the field of Public Health and Healthcare Administration. Some of the topics that may be covered throughout this program can include Epidemiology, Health Services Organization and Leadership, and Financial Planning and Taxation. As you can see from the sample coursework, a lot of topics found in Healthcare Administration can be directly related to job responsibilities in Public Health. These joint programs can usually be completed within 2-3 years.
  • MPH-MSW: MPH-MSW joint degree programs can help students obtain both a Master's in Public Health and a Master's in Social Work. Both fields play a big part in the health and wellness of society, with social workers focusing more on hands on interaction with individuals in the public setting. This degree program includes topics that are relevant to health and society, with courses such as Public Health Education, Health and the Social Environment, and Environmental Health. This degree program can result in licensure for master's level social workers that complete a supervised work experience in the field. The entire educational program may be completed in around 2 years at full-time status.
  • MPH-MPA: The MPH-MPA dual degree program allow students to pursue expertise in both Public Health and Public Administration. The most popular purpose for choosing this joint degree program is the wide range of career options that students can find after graduation. Both sectors of the public domain are large in terms of coverage of services and numbers of employees nationwide. The curriculum for this program may have courses such as Global Health, Microeconomics, Financial Management, and Public Policy. This program may be completed in 2 years or less at most universities.

Dual Joint MPH in Public Health Degree Programs

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